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Made from a light, breathable cotton, these coverings tie in the back and I have found that once secured, they stay on quite well. They will fit both adults and children – please see pictures to get an idea of the fit. I ended up with 3 sizes due to wanting to use as much of my remaining fabric as possible, but if you have any feedback for which size you prefer, I would appreciate hearing from you so I know what to plan for the future. Please note that if I make more of these in the future it will likely be a slightly higher price, mainly due to material costs (which I did not factor into the price this time since I use materials left over from the headcoverings I made for my daughter).

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 26 × .3 × 33 in

Small Kerchief (no lace), Medium Kerchief, Large Kerchief


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