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Taurus Necrus is an independent publishing company of Christian authors. The company was founded by Nathaniel Slattery.

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What we do

We publish authors with Catholic values who have written works meant to glorify God. Originally, we were an ecumenical publishing company, but upon the conversion of the founder, we have eliminated everything opposed to the teachings of the Catholic Church, in consultation with priests. We are traditionally minded and publish novels, children's books, and other works.

Taurus Necrus?

Taurus Necrus translates literally as "Dead Bull". It was a reference to the death of the pagan values of Mr. Slattery after his pursuit of God began, and he became evangelical. Since his conversion, it has gained the additional significance of referring to irrational beasts bowing to the Eucharist in the hands of St. Anthony.

Recent Projects

We have recently added The Donkey Who Carried the Ark, a children's book by Hand Drawn (penname) that follows the Holy Family's animal as they journey to Bethlehem.

We also have Splendor, which is a semi-post apocalyptic novel following three characters in the American Midwest: A Catholic knight, the President of the United States, and a simple village father.

Currently, our original book The Many Salvations of Marcus Woodward is being rewritten to meet the standards of Catholic morality and theology.

Great story about redemption. Set in a rich world with interesting characters, clearly written with love and care.

There is a persistent shrouded intimacy that you experience as you learn about the main character. Worthy read, and it will leave you hoping for more.

A beautifully drawn book that I love to sit down with my little buddy and read. A tale of learning who you really are.


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