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5) Mechanics

4) Number

Author: Nathaniel Slattery
Posted: 10th Day of Month of the Holy Family, Year of Our Lord 2024

I have broken a larger essay into portions.

As for number: God is infinite and immeasurable. He is best and highest, goodness and being, and a number of other terms that can be called qualitative. Because of all this, He has ordered all things by weight and measure, and this He adds to Himself. In the same way, He added bodies to light and the heavens on the fourth day. In the same way, He adds the Blessed Mother and Holy Mother Church to Himself most perfectly. In the same way, at the height, and through these others mentioned, and at the end, which is the middle, He adds to Himself Jesus Christ the Flesh and Soul. Jesus was a single Man, that is, He was One. He was and is the Bridegroom, which is Two, and for this reason man shall cleave to his wife. He is a Member of the Holy Family, and He is and was, and is to come, and many other ways is He three.

Beyond three, there is a great significance in every other number. But let us not lose ourselves in it a while longer. Let us just simply say that to set a number on things is to divide it by specificity from the rest of Creation. This is a way of highlighting and improving things greatly.

There are some rules with numbers. You ought always to spell them out, unless forced otherwise, which happens about one hundredth of the time.

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