Taurus Necrus

Saint Sebastian

Saint Sebastian – Born 255, received his crown 287 His name means the blessedness of the heavenly city, because, as Saint Augustine says, he acquired the kingdom by his poverty, joy by his sorrow, rest by his labor, glory by his trouble, and life by his death. It also might mean the help of Christ, […]

How to Harvest a Rotting Pig

The following was originally posted to a group of Catholic pork butchers who I consider somewhat discouraging. Remember, oh most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to Thy protection, implored Thy help, or sought Thy intercession was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, we fly unto Thee, oh Virgin […]

The Godfather

Throwing Away the Godfather This morning I was distracted and oppressed in my prayers by certain wandering thoughts which had enough of good truth mixed in that I could not quite depart from them, as Mr. Hilaire Belloc says of heresies. Then, in the second decade, the midst thereof, I went to my bookshelf and […]

Marcus Woodward

This is the first chapter in my rewrite of Marcus Woodward, my first published novel, which I destroyed for sins. March 1st, 2342 Marcus Woodward awoke gently, like a man pretending to sleep, his eyes closed but his reason fully activated, and then his eyes coming open to find darkness that was impersonal to the […]

The Island of Two Trees

The Island of Two Trees Overall, it has an innocent and modern feel, with references such as “spandex” that are unlikely to negatively affect children, unless you have raised them in homemade habits, as I know some have. But by innocent, I mean that the author draws the children from a modern life towards a […]

5) Mechanics

2) Description 2) Sense It would be good to speak of sense, and this is an expansion of the topic of description. Previously, I spoke of description so far as to usage, that it ought to expound or further or reflect the plot, and I held up Chesterton. It operates then as a particular mode, […]

Life of St. Ferdinand

Saint Ferdinand  – Born 1198, died as Confessor on 30th of Mary, 1252 In the traditional images of the liturgical seasons used by Dom Prosper Gueranger, the season of Christmas has the Emperor Charlemagne depicted as guarding over the manger of our Lord, with his imperial crown and “a sword in his fearless hand”. In […]