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Author: The Reverend Alban Butler, public domain
Posted: Month of the Holy Name, 21st Day, Year of Our Lord 2023
Standards of Modesty, something similar to this is posted outside St. Peter’s Basilica

An excerpt from Alban Butler’s Lives of the Saints, St. John Chrysostom:

“The immodesty of women in their dress in that gay capital excited in him sentiments of the most just abhorrence and indignation. Some young ladies seemed to have forgot that clothing is the covering of the ignominy of sin, and ought to be an instrument of penance, and a motive of confusion and tears, not of vanity. But the exhortations of St. Chrysostom moved many to despise and lay aside the use of purple, silks, and jewels. It was a far more intolerable scandal that some neglected to cover their necks, or used such thin veils as served only to invite the eyes of others more boldly. Our saint represented to such person that they were in some respects worse than public prostitutes: for these hide their baits at home only for the wicked: ‘but you,’ said he, ‘carry your snare everywhere, and spread your nets publicly in all places. You allege that you never invited others to sin. You did not by your tongue, but you have done it by your dress and deportment more effectually than you could by your voice: when you have made another to sin in his heart, how can you be innocent? You sharpened and drew the sword: you gave the thrust by which the soul is wounded. Tell me whom does the world condemn? whom do judges punish? Those who drink the poison, or those who prepare and give the fatal draught? You have minigled the execrable cup; you have administered the potion of death: you are so much more criminal than poisoners, as the death which you cause is the more terrible; for you murder not the body, but the soul. Nor do you do this to enemies; nor compelled by necessity, nor provoked by any injury; but out of a foolish vanity and pride. You sport yourselves in the ruin of the souls of others, and make their spiritual death your pastime.’ Hence he infers how false and absurd their is in saying they mean no harm. These any many other scandals he abolished.”

Elsewhere, St. Agnes: 

“Marriage is a holy state, instituted by God, and in the order of providence and nature the general or more ordinary state of those who live in the world. Those, therefore, who upon motives of virtue, and in a Christian and holy manner, engage in this state, do well. Those, nevertheless, who, for the sake of practising more perfect virtue, by a divine call, prefer a state of perpetual virginity, embrace that which is more perfect and more excellent. Dr Wells, a learned Protestant, confesses that Christ declares voluntary chastity, for the kingdom of heaven’s sake, to be an excellency, and an excellent state of life.”

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