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On Understanding Women

1) Introduction

Author: Nathaniel Slattery
Posted: 1st of the Month of the Immaculate Conception, St. Eloy’s Day, Year of Our Lord 2023
Here you might see my fruit and why to listen to me, in that my wife is pregnant with our third child and very faithful in her pursuit of the devout life. My wife’s channel on SpiritusTv: https://spiritustv.com/@anislattery

Up until recently, I had deserted this tearful vale, by a dry and pleasant little cavern which I found in the mountains of Tennessee. Long has God kept me and my family here, feeding us by the ravens, but now they have interrupted their visits for a goodly few months, and I am poking my head out again, now hungering, my wife and children also hungering.

A dear companion of mine long located in a deep pit of this vale requested me to write an essay concerning women. It is an evil symptom characteristic of this advanced (see: decrepit) age that a celibate man pursuing the Beloved of his soul, has continual need to encounter and dispose himself to all women. Marriage is now a greater security in many ways than celibacy, for the latter is so maligned by worldlings as to be believed to be a sort of mystic fantasy. Our heroes are fornicators.

Therefore, I write this for the benefit of such men, and perhaps it should be long. I might also benefit those who foolishly desire a spouse and not a vocation. Or so, too, those women possessed of humility who might benefit from the portraits I shall draw.

The Three Aspects

There are three aspects to consider which will cover all categories and specimen of adult women. I will progress through them in a sort of ascendance. For those who have urgent trouble to resolve, your answers are likely to be considered in the second aspect. These three are further considered near the end as to the relationship they have one to another and all throughout you shall find application and advice. The assumption is that we are pursuing Heaven and nothing else.

Next section: The First Aspect, expect soon.

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