The Breaking of a Man


The prequel to The Wounded

The Wounded is a story of redemption where the worst of men is given the opportunity and directive to repair the damage of his life. This is the story of that man from the beginning.

Deep inside an ancient forest, an evil stirs and plots. An endless kingdom loses its king and heirs, and the throne passes to a woman. Adventurers emerge into an empire in another world, preparing to face the onslaught of barbarians to the East. The whole of two worlds turns on the decisions and the flaws of one family, a broken family with a missing father and a dying mother, illustrious citizens of a great city.

Nathaniel Slattery wrote the prequel to The Wounded when he was 16 years old and finished it when he was 19. For years, it sat as a tragedy, a King Arthur tale with a sad ending where no one unites and the heroes destroy themselves. Then, years later, providence dictated that James Draegon should find an impossible redemption never dreamed of, especially by the author.

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