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Creation Week and the Incarnation
Author: Nathaniel Slattery
Posted: Month of the Sacred Heart, 7th Day, Year of Our Lord 2023

I am going through my journal for Christmas and typing up my works. This reflection on St. Hilary’s Day does not fit into any of my books. Forgive me if it is raw or unenjoyable.

St. Hilary’s Day

Jesus Our Lord is represented and prefigured in the Creation Week, where the sun (with the moon as a symbol of Our Lady and the Stars of the other saints, particularly Joseph, John the Baptist, Elizabeth, Zacharias, the Holy Innocents, etc., those who are present in Our Lord’s life but do not belong to the Apostles or Disciples) is in the midst of the dry ground and plants on one side, and the animals, fishes, birds, and man on the other. These snetient creatures do not derive their sentience from the sun, but they do thereby derive the greater part of their sight. In a similar way, in history, before the Advnet of the Incarnation, all men were dead, hopeless, senseless, blind, with an appearance of life, with a growth, with progeny, with a suggestion of sentience to come, but no power to fulfill. After the Ascension, a new Creation fills the Earth amongst the old creation, and the old serves the new, and it has a wholly new power of soul (a new type of soul) with new faculties and virtues. This is the picture. And in the same way, man is made in one small place,unlike the previous creation, being perfect saints, and from there multiplies throughout the Earth.

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